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韓国主要食品企業 Pulmuoneが、アデクサのDemand XpressをGo-Live

Pulmuone Goes Live With Adexa’s Demand Xpress

Leading food manufacturer on a mission to enhance customer service levels

Los Angeles, CA. - August 14, 2007 - Adexa, Inc., the leading provider of integrated supply chain, demand planning and performance management solutions, announced today that Pulmuone of Korea, one of the world’s leading providers of fresh, close-to-nature, food products has gone “live” with Adexa’s Demand Xpress, a complete Demand Planning solution for the Medium Size Businesses.

Pulmuone management team is on a mission to focus on and greatly enhance the customer service levels through accurate sales forecasts and faster delivery. “Our target was to revise the demand plan in minutes and deliver our products to the customer within one day.” Said Hakjae Kim, CBM manager of Pulmuone. “DX [Demand Xpress] is an excellent product and Adexa was the only provider who could do it in less than two months, vs. 5 months proposed by others. Adexa had a unique implementation methodology that was very simple and systematic and we had no time to waste!”

“We certainly appreciate Pulmuone’s satisfaction with this product,” Said Cyrus Hadavi, President and CEO of Adexa. “With Demand Xpress we did not want to just simply provide a ‘lite’ solution but a comprehensive and flexible solution that was built to meet the challenging requirements of the MSB market. Its fast implementation in such a complex environment attests to that fact.”

“In a short period of time we are beginning to see the results,” continued Hakjae Kim. “Our KPI’s for forecast accuracy, inventory costs, and customer service levels are already improving and well on their way to meet our goals.”

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About Pulmuone:

Pulmuone co., Ltd. Is one of world's leading providers of fresh, close-to-nature products with shelf lives of fewer than 15 days. We are one of a handful of companies in the world that possess accurate, up-to-the-minute manufacturing capabilities. That allows us to integrate order-to-fulfillment processes with daily delivering activities, and to replenish the critical "freshness" aspect of traditional Korean foods (i.e., tofu and bean sprout) that our consumers nationwide demand. For more information please visit