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Location Tokyo


     Maintain/improve relationships with existing customers and partners.

     Ensure our customers/partners get high quality support and service.

     Ensure our customers/partners get periodic updates on our product/service offerings, as well as facilitate periodic audits, and that they are motivated to upgrade to new versions.

     Ensure others in Adexa know about what our customers are doing and the value that they are receiving, by for example publishing case studies.

     Find opportunities for Adexa to sell new modules to existing customers, or existing modules to new sites.

     Report to the local Country Manager.


     Bachelor or Master Degree in a business or technical area.

     Minimum 7-8 years of software solution experience.

     Extensive experience with SCM and/or ERP products and solutions.

     Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills.

     Familiarity with working across cultures.

     Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English and also Japanese.

Career Path:

       Possibility to later move to Sales, Consulting or Management.


SUBJECT に“履歴書 account manager”と明記し、 へ(英・和文とも)送信してください。


東京都千代田区九段南 3-5-2
アデクサ・ジャパン株式会社 採用担当 宛